Number One - We Love PDA

We are always here for the PDA. Why we want you to know is that before your session be prepared to get close and cuddly with your significant other. Our goal is to capture your love so we want you to interact with each other like you naturally would at home. We promise you won't offend us with all the making out lol.

Number Two - You are perfect just the way you are.

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me to photoshop them, I could retire. Not even kidding lol. We as photographers want you to know that your body, face, skin, hair, alllllll of you is perfect exactly the way it is. We will pose you in the most flattering angles and light but most photographers I know would never edit your body to be different. In 20 years you're not going to look back and think "ew, I just look so bad in this photo". You're going to say "wow, that was such a fun time in my life"! It will not matter in the long run so just appreciate yourself!! (Also, I don't know how to work photoshop so if you ask, I'll say no just for that reason alone lol.)

Number Three - You might feel awkward as heckkkkk.

I totally get it. You'll be nervous, I'll ask you to do something super weird, and it'll be awkward. I do lots of movement based prompts and sometimes your body just feels unnatural doing that thing, but the pictures turn out amazingggggg! Seriously! Trust is one of the biggest factors when choosing your photographer so make sure you trust that person when they ask you to blow raspberries on your partner lol. The goal is to make you laugh and smile in a genuine, not fake, way that way your photos reflect who you naturally are!