weddings can be super expensive. you spend tons of money on things that you'll use for one day (or maybe even 5 minutes) and then literally never again. It's huge waste of money, time, and materials. If you're planning yiur edding and are wondering what thinhs are worth it to cut out then this post is for you!

#1 - Travel Size Tissues

The truth is, just buy one box of tissues to put on a table as you enter the ceremony space. People who need them can take a couple but most people won’t need tissues. The people who are most likely to need a tissue during the ceremony are probably going to bring their own anyways so no need to have 50 travel packs of tissues lying around. They usually get thrown away or packed to go back to you after the wedding. Also, a great way to cut down on waste!

#2 - Favors for Guests

When you’re trying to cut costs this is a huge one to cut out or at least cut back on. 90% of the time, your guests are not going to take their favors home with them, forget them, or throw them away when they get home. Theres no need to spend a bunch of money on favors because honestly, nobody will miss them! There are a few exceptions to this, like if its something they will use as part of the wedding, but other than that, you're better off without them.

#3 - Menus

Why pay a bunch of money for some fancy menu that your guest is going to read once & then it gets thrown away?? This one is a super easy fix though! Just use one board with the menu on it as you enter the reception space. That way, your guests know what is going to be served and you don’t pay a bunch of money for fancy paper. Also, another way to cut wayyy down on the wedding waste!

#4 - Programs

Same things with the programs as it is with the menus. They’re going to get thrown away! You can also do a board with the program on it as you enter the ceremony seating. Your guests can take a quick pic of it if they need it and then you don't have paper to pay for!

#5 - Mail-Back RSVP's

This one is the biggest one! When you do mail-back rsvp's you have to pay for the actual rsvp and then pay for the postage to get it there and back. when you do this for 100 rsvp's its gets to be a big cost! There are tons of ways to cut this cost by doing it online! Wedding websites usually have a feature for this but I've also seen people use a specific wedding email address for guests to email back their rsvp, use a text only online number for guests to text their rsvp, or even set up a google form to collect rsvp's! Doing an online rsvp is also more effective in getting your guests to reply!