Let's get real...we're all going a little crazy being stuck inside.

Am I right or am I right? If you're anything like me, you're resorting to stress eating and binge watching Netflix until you feel gross and tired all the time. Not fun. Sooooo, I wanted to create a practical (keyword practical lol) blog with some ideas of things to do so you wont be so much of a vegetable on your couch..Are you ready?? LET'S GO!!

Play a board game!!

Not only does a game get you moving but its screen free entertainment! My family LOVES to play Monopoly, like loves. It takes hours to play but literally what else do we have to do?? Nothing, so why not! Another one we love is Clue. We're classic game people! If you have a bigger family or live with roommates pick up a Monopoly or Clue game to play!

Buy Monopoly on amazon here!

Buy Clue on amazon here!

If you live alone or are playing alone, I LOVE playing with a BopIt! It's an oldie but its so fun!! You can buy a BopIt here! Another fun game that is similar to a BopIt is Simon! The Simon game is super fun and could keep you entertained for hours! you can pickup a Simon game with this link!

Everyone's fav...SELF CARE

Take all this down time to treat yo self! This is my favoriteeeee subject to speak on because, as well as being a photographer, I also hold my esthetician license. #doublethreat I love skincare and aromatherapy & I think its an awesome way to relax and de-stress. My favorite way to take care of myself is in a clean room with a good face mask. its so important to have a clean space so you can really relax and feel good. A sheet mask is my favorite way to go. My favorite one is this hydrating sheet mask by Image Skincare. Its amazing! I love to use a jade roller (like this one linked here) on top of the mask while it sits. The jade roller really helps the products in the sheet mask sink in & is super relaxing because it feels like a massage, yes please!

Another way I like to take care of myself is to exercise and move my body. Even if its only 10 or 20 minutes! Getting up and stretching, doing yoga, or even an Instagram circuit workout does wonders for your mental and physical health! I most often do Instagram workouts and go on walks with my dog when its nice outside! It's incredibly important if you're working out to have proper equipment so you don't injure yourself. I've gone ahead and linked some of my favorite fitness items for you!

My Favorite Running Shoes

Yoga Mat

Dumbell Set

The best leggings everrrrr

Have a creative outlet!

It's so important to have a creative outlet during this time. I am a huge sucker for hand lettering workbooks and adult coloring books! They're a great stress reliever and perfect for people who hate just sitting & doing nothing. I'm a huge fan of creative activities but I'm no expert so I wanted to link some of my favorite workbooks and coloring books for you guys in case you wanted to join me but you're also not a pro!

My fav markers to letter with!

Hand Lettering Workbook - it teaches strokes, tips & tricks, and tons of other stuff!

Colored Pencils

My Fav Coloring Book


Okay this is the last one and its for sure my favorite!!! Have a sleepover movie night in your own living room. Gather every pillow and blanket you have in your house and build a "Pillow Palace" (this is what my family calls a pallet, don't judge us lol), grab some popcorn and snacks, then order this projector off of amazon and go to town!! We have this little cardboard projector and it really works! Its super cool because it plays from your phone so you can choose any movies or shows you want! If you really want to spice up your night, grab these matching pjs off of amazon too and you have a super fun evening!

One last thing...

If you are stressed, worried, or just feeling down, don't feel pressured to be productive and have fun. Sometimes the weight of this all means that we just need to stay in dirty pajamas all day and tune everything out and that's okay. Some people are struggling mentally, or financially, or any other way and it's completely normal to feel the weight of that. Take a break, relax and remember that we're in this together and the storm will pass. You've got this!!

Georgia Wedding Photographer

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it" - John 1:5

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it" - John 1:5

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