How did I get here?

Here's the thing, I NEVER planned on becoming a photographer. I always knew I was interested in photography but it was never even a consideration for my career path. I was always the girl that thought I wanted job stability and security. I went to esthetics school, got my license and just assumed I would get a job working for a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon and life would be set but, boy was I wrong.

In February of 2019 I picked up my family's 10 year old Sony DSLR (I literally don't even know the model lol) and shot pictures for my sister's military ball, in auto mode I might add. LET ME TELL YOU, I was hooked. I never wanted to put that camera down. I was still in esthetics school at the time so I wanted to learn photography as a hobby and a way to step up my instagram game. So, I did what any enneagram 5 does and I started researching. I tried to research and watch all the YouTube videos I could until about May of 2019 when I started to actually practice with my family's camera that I hijacked (we all did that right?). I started really loving photography and wanting to see if I could make this into a little side hustle. I tried to shoot pictures every now and then and contemplated starting a photography instagram for a while but I was scared of failure and that old camera was definitely not great. It was wayyyyyy too hard to use and it didn't even shoot in raw. I wanted SOOO badly to shoot on my own camera so I started saving what little money I had & eventually in November I bought a used Canon Rebel T3 off of an online consignment website. I shot SO MANY pictures of my dog that month. I eventually recruited my little sister, her boyfriend, and my best friend, to model for me. I shot them on a trailhead in my town, edited them with DBMH presets and started my instagram with those pictures.

Even now, I can tell how much I've grown as a photographer and developed my editing skills. My most recent pictures are so much better than my very first pictures because of practice and patience. I've learned my camera settings and how to adjust them to what I like. I got a new lens for Christmas and finally got a creamy bokeh! I continued to watch all of the YouTube videos I can find, sign up for free downloads, and take classes! I'm only 4 months into this whole journey but I feel like it what I was meant to be doing all along. Seriously, I LOVE being behind the camera and then editing my heart out!

I'm now pursuing a full time career with photography. I still have a lot of things that I'm unsure about but what I do know is that I love photography & this is what I want to do. In the future, I plan to shoot more destination weddings and elopements & continue my education to serve my clients. I eventually want to be a full time adventrous wedding and elopement photographer. I love traveling, exploring new places, and taking epic pictures so if you're a client reading this, let's make some magic. If you're a photographer reading this, let's be friends! I'm always wanting to learn from people and develop connections & that's just what I'm going to do!

My very first shoot!!!

My most recent shoot!!!

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