Cherokee Rose Photos Is now Sydney Shepherd Photo!! YAY!

Why rebrand? Especially when your business is only a year old...

Here's the tea. CRP was never the right decision. I made the decision to name my business CRP because of my own self doubt. I didn't know if it would last or if people would not like it just being my name & I was thinking "well, if this does last then I don't want to have to change my name if I get married" like...what?? No girl.

Now I'm muuuuuch more focused on what I want and what my business needs to thrive. My business needs me! I changes my name to SSP because I wanted my business to be fully and completely myself. I didn't want to anticipate the future anymore or be scared of what other people would think!! It's MY business! Also, not getting married anytime soon lol. I blame the enneagram 6 in me for that one.

What Changed?

With changing my name across all platforms came a lot of other changes too! I changed the tax structure of my biz which was...interesting lol. Small business owner life isn't for the faint of heart. I also enrolled in The Heart University's Photo Major at the end of last year so my education definitely stepped wayyyyy up. I changed all of my guides, my website, got Honeybook, and definitely have shaken up my client experience for the better.

For you, a client, this means that your experience with me will be 10000x better than it was! You'll receive so many more freebies and support when you book with me. It'll be was easier to get things scheduled AND paying me will be so much simpler! I really am so proud of what I have done and what I can offer you guys now! I honestly can't wait for busy season now because I know I can serve you guys so much better this year! (Yes, I am crazy.)

Nothing is perfect. what would i have done DIFFERENTLY if i could go back?

First of all, I would've made this decision a lot sooner. I do feel like if I would've started at Sydney Shepherd Photo my business would have thrived more and done better in the beginning. I have felt like being SSP I have made more of a connection with my clients & that is so valuable. If I could go back to when I first started I would say "screw fear" and just would've done what I wanted!

Second. I would've thought it through a little more lol. When I changed my name there were a couple of things that took a lot of time to get changed that I didn't expect, like my google listing and my website domain. Things like this were down so when I went to tell people "oh yeh I'm Sydney Shepherd Photo now", I had noting to show them. Even now I'm still finding things that are still a little off!

All in all, i have no regrets about this change. I can already feel my business growing and BECOMING my own! I am pumped for what the future holds for my business. Sydney Shepherd photo is going big places!