With all of the craziness that 2020 has been so far it can be so difficult to plan or reschedule your wedding. Here are my top 5 reasons why maybe an elopement or intimate wedding might be a wonderful alternative to a traditional wedding (covid or not).

One - The thought of having such an intimate moment in front of 100 people terrifies you.

Whether you're shy, not about the PDA, or just plain don't like people this is meant for you to hear. You don't have to share your wedding day with people unless you want to!!! Elopements are a wonderful way to exclude extra people from your wedding day so you can enjoy it more and not be a nervous wreck! The day becomes less stressful for you and your partner & you get to focus on each other, which is the whole point, right??

Now, if you can't imagine not having your siblings there to crack jokes, your mom getting emotional, or your dad walking you down the aisle, but you still don't want a bunch of guests there, then an intimate wedding is for you. You can still have all the elements of an elopement but bring along the few people that mean the most to you. Lots of couples even split their days, so they can do a first look & read their vows to each other alone, before the actual ceremony with their family. You can literally make your elopement/wedding day so unique & actually have fun!! No stress included!

Two - You're on a budget.

Let's be real. Weddings are freaking expensive! There are soooooo many things that cost money. Elopements & intimate weddings are a great way to cut down on costs. Generally for elopements your biggest expenses are going to be your hotel/airbnb stay, wedding attire, & photography/videography. If you don't have a ton of guests to feed and entertain for hours you can spend more on things that matter & save more overall. Receptions are generally the most expensive part of a wedding. With an intimate destination wedding or an elopement, you can cut out the cost of a venue, catering, alcohol, decorations, a huge cake, & like 20 other hidden costs! An elopement is great for those that want maximum romance but also don't want to break the bank!

Three - You don't want the stress of planning a wedding.

Wedding planning is the most fun part of the wedding for some people but for others, it's incredibly stressful! If you truly don't want to plan a wedding ceremony and reception & can't hire a wedding planner, an intimate wedding or an elopement may be a great option for you. It takes that planning stress away & the things you do have to plan are smaller, more exciting, things! Most of the time (especially if you hire me) your photographer will help you location scout to find the perfect ceremony spot & sometimes is even ordained. With an elopement, you get to plan things that are exciting to you.

Four - It's like a bonus honeymoon!

Who doesn't want a bonus honeymoon?!?! With an elopement, you kind of roll your honeymoon & your wedding in one. You get to get married somewhere really cool & then chill with your new spouse there or jet off from one cool place to another for your honeymoon! I've seen couples elope in the U.S. and internationally and they all love the experience they had traveling and having a really unique and spectacular time with their new spouse!

Five - Life (& covid) happens.

If there's anything we've learned from the situation were in, it's that life is short & crazy things can happen! One of the perks of an elopement is that it doesn't take a year or two to plan like a traditional wedding does. Your can create your timeline and get married on your terms in your own time. You do not have to wait if you don't want to! There's no guessing game as to where you'll be in a year, what your financial situation will be, & what your life will look like. You get to start your new life together on your own terms!