Tip one - Outfit Choices Matter!

You choose your photographer based on the style of their photos, right??? SO you should take their advice on what to wear! You want to achieve their style after all! When clients book me I always tell them these tips so they look amazing and create awesome photos.

  1. No bright colors or patterns - This is my personal style preference, I love muted and neutral colors for my images so this is what I tell my clients to wear.
  2. Embrace the flow - Movement is EVERYTHING to me so give me all the flowy tops, dresses, skirts & let your down to hair blow in the wind! I promise it'll look amazing!
  3. Be comfortable - I want all of my clients to feel comfortable and confident in what they're wearing. I usually tell my clients to wear their favorite date night outfits! If you wear a brand new pair of jeans that are skin tight & took you 20 minutes to get on that day, chances are that you're going to be uncomfortable. Uncomfortable clothes = uncomfortable photos, ya feel??
  4. When in doubt, bring extra shoes - Nothing is worse than uncomfortable shoes so just bring those old & dirty vans that you've had since your sophomore year and rock them!! Chances are that those vans reflect your personality better than heels ever will!

Tip two - How the heck should you pose???

Believe it or not, most of the couples I shoot are not models, shocker right? I don't use the typical "smile at the camera & stay still" type of poses. I use unique prompts that evoke emotion and genuine reactions from my couples. I WILL ask you to do some things that you'll think are insanely silly but they're meant to make you laugh and interact with your partner or your environment. I might ask you to run at you partner like an airport scene, or hug yourself & spin around or even twerk your partner off of your back! WE. ARE. GONNA. GET. CRAZY. I love to create movement and laughter in my images, laughter is magic!!! So don't worry, I will tell you everything you need do to make your pictures look spectacular! Relax & Have Fun!

Tip three - Wear makeup that is genuinely you.

Ladies. We all love a good beat but, your session may not be the time to wear a ton of makeup that you don't normally wear. It's wayyyy better to wear natural and neutral makeup that compliments your facial features and looks like YOU, than to cake on the contour and end up with an orange line across your face! (we've all been there lol.) Instead, do whatever makeup makes you feel confident & most like yourself. If you do a full face everyday and you LOVE it, do that. If you never in your life have ever worn a stitch of makeup, do that. Again, you should just do whatever feels most like you!

Tip four - Don't come hangry.

NOTHING is worse than being hangry so imagine a boyfriend, husband, or dad that is uncomfortable and hungry......you're picturing bad things aren't you??? Now imagine yourself being hangry, be honest with yourself. Everyone gets into a bad mood when they're hungry and grumpy. So pack a snack to eat on your way to the shoot so you have a satisfied belly and then you and your boo can grab a cute dinner on the way home.

Tip five - Make a day of it.

This is my biggest and most important piece of advice for my couples, so listen up!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, make your shoot day a date day! Wake up in the morning and take things slow & make your coffee together, watch your favorite morning show, take your time getting ready, do something fun before your session & then go have a romantic dinner afterwards! I cannot stress enough how much better your pictures will be if you and your partner are really connected and feeling all the love before your session. I will always stand by the fact that genuine connection is what makes your session a good one. I can do all the posing, prompting, and editing I can but if you and your partner aren't feeling the love then there just going to be "okay" pictures and not "wow" pictures (harsh I know, but I'm just keeping it real). SO really focus on your partner and work on connecting in your relationship on the day of your session. I swear it will make a huge difference in your relationship & your pictures!!!